We all know that film and TV producers use special effects, but you will be surprised to find out how much CGI is being used even in scenes where it’s seemingly unnecessary. With the help of colorful screens, a photorealistic three-dimensional image of a location can be generated by the graphics engine in real-time then changed and adapted to any time of day, angle, lighting, etc. This is how, for example, “The Mandalorian” was filmed even though it looks almost 100% real. But just a few years ago, Michelangelo Antonioni was painting grass to make it look greener, and Stanley Kubrick waited for the sunbeams to hit the camera lens in just the right way.

These photos show how much your favorite movies rely on the magic of special effects and smart editing.

1. The first Avengers movie has over 2,200 VFX frames, which have been produced by over fourteen different studios. Imagine how many of those frames were in all of the MCU projects.

2. The gravity-defying fight of Doctor Strange vs. Ebony Maw

3. Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot about to wreck some foolsLoading…

4. Spidey, Hulk, and Warmachine look so goofy without the VFX

5. Gamora showing Thanos funny cat videos

6. Hulk after skipping leg days and Thor after skipping everything

7. Just Rocket being sad. No Drax here

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