Nowadays Telegram Bots are getting famous across the Globe. BOT gives us a lot of information and our work gets Automated using Telegram bots. Here we are listing out some of the very useful BOT. These BOTS are available free to use. Make use of them and you also get into the mode of smart working.

1 : Stock Phoenix BOT

If you are one of those who are part of the Indian Stock Market, then for sure you should try using the @StockPhoenixBOT. This BOT provides you a lot of information about the Indian Stocks and gives your results of many scanning features instantly.

Click here to access Stock Phoenix BOT


If you are one of those who want to Automate things in Telegram like getting SMS in Telegram, Getting your email in Telegram, Twitter handle, etc. then you should try IFTTT BOT once.

Click here to access the IFTTT BOT

3 : File to BOT

File to Bot allows the users to save files on the cloud with unlimited storage. You can send files in the chat and they will get stored category wise. @FileToBOT

Click here to access File to BOT

4 : Vote BOT

If you want to run a poll in your channel then the BOT you should choose is @Vote.

Click here to access Vote BOT

5 : Get Media BOT

@GetMediaBot can help you to get any media files from all over the Internet. You just need to enter the query and it’s all done. Download Music, Video, Search Lyrics, Download Instagram Story, Direct Download Media. The BOT Supports Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

Click here to Access Get Media BOT

6 : URL Shortner Bot

@LinkGeneratorBot. Just send the long link and it will return you a short link from Bitly or Tinyurl service. It is quite a useful Telegram bot and people loved it every time they used it.

Click here to access the URL Shortner BOT

7 : File Converter BOT

@newfileconverterbot will help you in converting the file as the name suggests. File type supported are Images, Audio files, Video files, and other documents files. We tested it by sending a JPG file and it returned the option to convert it into PNG, WEBP, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PDF.

Click here to access File Converter BOT

8 : Meme Auto Bot

@MemeAutoBOT Tired of chatting and doing lots of work? Meme Auto Bot can help you relax a bit from hefty schedules.

Click here to access Meme Auto BOT

9 : Poll BOT

@PollBOT Reaching a team decision is hard; some projects stall just because they are not owned or pushed by anyone, or blocked by some. Every messaging apps now have polling solutions, either built-in or available with a bot.

Click here to access Poll BOT

10 : Music Hunters

@MusicHuntersBOT will let you search for your favorite song and download the song and listen within Telegram. Now you have access to Music Library within Telegram

Click here to access Music Hunters BOT

Do you have any interesting BOT with you? Do drop the information in the comments section. we will update in our blog and it will hit a larger audience.

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