Are you wondering about the best disk cloning software for the copying of data from your old hard disk to the new one? read this article about EaseUS Disk Copy to know about the best software that will serve your purpose in the best way. The application offers secure migration of your files to the desired place without the fear of data loss.

 Clone disk easily with the software

 Application is very simple to use and offers you to prepare a full copy of the contents on the separate disk and migrate all your data systems and applications to the desired drive.

The EaseUS Software features ‘One-Click OS Migrate’ that detects the disk space automatically asking you whether you want to migrate the operating system to the new drive or not. The advantage of moving OS to your new hard drive will help you to stay safe from installing the operating system as well as personal applications.

In order to clone disk you just need to choose the source disk and set up the target disk before you click on clone option. Your disk will be cloned sector-wise and you can be assured that none of the contents will be left behind. With three simple steps, you can ensure that your new drive is filled with all the contents from your old one.

Once you are done with the above steps you are now required to autofit the clone disk until you replace it with keeping all the software without the option of installing the operating system.

You can even prepare a bootable DVD/ USB or CD with the option of building a burning feature in the software.

How can you upgrade your disk with the software

With the help of the software, you are allowed to upgrade your drive so that it runs properly with its functions. The software helps your new drive to get prepared with all the files you have migrated from the old one to it in a very few simple steps.

Reasons to clone your disk

If you have any old drive and require to improve the performance of your PC then cloning can help you here. For moving data from the oldest disk and transfer it to a new one the software can be extremely helpful to boost the performance of your PC thereby.

Cloning also comes into play when you have a disk of very small capacity as it restricts growing data. With the option of cloning, you can simply clone your smaller disk to the larger capacity type and make space for more data.

If you want to transfer data from hard disk to solid-state device then cloning can speed up the performance of your PC. With the help of it, you do not require to install the operating system when you clone from HDD to HDD.

How cloning can help replace your failing hard drive

Do you have a failing hard drive? failing hard drive really affects both reading and writing of data on it. But you have the option of replacing it to avoid data loss. Wondering how to do it?

The best option to prevent your hard disk with bad sectors is by cloning disk. With the help of this software, you can be assured to safely clone your disk in a step by step process skipping the bad areas to copy the data on your new disk drive.

How cloning can help to restore data

Whether you are looking to transfer data from your SSD to HDD or you want to restore data, cloning is a one-stop solution for all your needs. We all know how important is data to us and we bear the responsibility to keep it as a backup in some safe place. However what if it gets lost accidentally? Do not worry cloning will come to rescue for this event as well. Due to the fact that restoring data is quite urgent, the software gives value to the fact by allowing you to migrate data, application, and settings from the current drive to your preferred choice with very minimal steps. Moreover, you can be assured that it will prevent any secondary damage to the leftover data at the time of the recovery process.

What are the hardware supported by this cloning software

The application works wonders to clone both of your heart desires as well as the solid-state device of various bands. It works well with the Windows system before exploring all the features of your hardware and guarantees you an accurate same copy.

What are the steps involved to clone hard drive

In order to clone a hard drive, you are required to perform only three simple steps which are discussed in the following section

  1.   In the first step, you are required to choose the source disk and click on the sector by sector option to start the sector level copy
  2.   The next step is setting up the target disk by confirming that it is that you would like to clone the source disk to.
  3.   you are now required to clone and edit disk layout by clicking on the ‘clone and autofit’ option.

What can you expect in the new version of 3.5

The new version of 3.5 features some cool options like edit one-click system migration interaction as well as enhance disk clone that has garnered the attention of many users.


If you’re looking to clone your drive then this is probably the best software that can fulfill your needs. With an auto-advance feature in it, the EaseUS Disk Copy allows safe cloning of your drive in a very few simple steps. The software has been launched from a company that is in the industry for 15 years and as 10 million customers which literally speaks about the trustworthiness of it. You will also get the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy the software from the company’s website. You will be assured with a hundred percent security and will also get free technical support once you become a member of the software.

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