Meet Manish a Tedx Speaker and an entrepreneur whose name means “God of mind”.He has launched a startup with title “mindemo” which is a combination of mind and emotions. In mindemo, experts and learners who are connected with each other get counseled on many speciality areas like soft -skills, parenting and other career development areas. You can just search the title MINDEMO at Google Play Store .our team recently interviewed him to find out more about their startup.Let’s have a read:

Question 1.) What’s your startup all about?


Mindemo is a one-stop instant solution formula for this kind of emotional beliefs.

Have you ever imagined that you can see, listen, feel, taste, and smell your problems of life or career?

Mindemo is a combination of mind and emotions which is based on online platform of deeply counselling your thoughts/issues and providing you with a highly satisfactory instant solution for your selected concern (Viz Instant confidence building, quick stress relief formula, parenting, sales building and many more)

In mindemo, our experts (Who are mind healers, NLP practitioners, motivational speakers, corporate trainers, mind therapist, entrepreneurs, counsellors etc.) will make you see, listen, feel, taste and smell your problem and accordingly, they will design or provide you therapy’s, written solutions so that your matter is deliberated rapidly and put to an end from the root.

Question 2.) Tell us something about your journey and why did you choose an entrepreneurial life over a job?

I started as a contractual faculty with Universities after completing my MBA. Training, development and other curriculum subjects were my area of interest . To give more service on it , i started imparting training at few other institutions like ICAI, ICSI, ngo’s and other corporate firms as a free lancer. whith the spirit of training , i realised that there is an extensive gap of meeting good experts with required users and something online could create a significant change.

Secondly,In job, our services becomes limited,income is limited and mind remain monotonous. In entrepreneurship, we have vast opportunity and a big Market. While in job, i met many corporate trainers, speakers and other experts who gave one conclusion that the income in training is not consistent and many students and youth generation lack proper guidance in building and shaping their career..

That made me take a U turn from job to entrepreneurship. Some consistency of income should be their , which can also promote , develop, increase experts trainers in this industry.

Question 3.) Why should people choose your products/services?

Only listening to people’s gyans not give a solution always,some practicality is required always as it is a loophole nowadays. Suppose you want to put a nail in the wall and the only equipment you know is a hammer. our team has designed some tools and techniques by which they can make you feel the impact of your problem and the solution there on. On a basic summary , our product is much practical based as compared to theory.

Question 4 .) What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied plus What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

Competitive advantage quite same as above .

There is nothing in this world which can’t be copied, if one can do it , other can learn to do it . It’s all about art and skills.

Our experts have specialised skills who are master in their teritory. So its difficult to copy the same skills/talents of experts by others.

Coming to the challenges,Searching and bringing together the right expert.

Perfect software developer who can matching the thinking frequency of ours.

Designing tested tools and techniques almost to accuracy level.

Spreading awareness were the the main obstacles faced by me and my team.

Question 5.)What are your expansion plans/breakeven projections and what comes first for you – money or emotions?

Talking about expansion plan these are the few plans for 2020.

Premium services to customers and experts

Face to face webinars and counseling.

Connecting with foreign clients .

Now coming to second question,I value more the Emotions because That’s the challenge nowdays .Even our startup title is mindemo ( mind and emotions) nowdays People need to master and develop their emotional intelligence to face the life challenges.
Once that is maintained, money flows automatically.

Question 6 .) What advice would you give to someone starting out, particularly to aspiring entrepreneurs and what’s your source your motivation that you would like to share with others?

Anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur must be confident, dedicated with his own idea/ product or service first. This is the maximum issue many faces and they give up with negative comments of others in case they are unconfident or not focused. This is why many startup fails. Be patient, there are many people who love the way you think .

My daily source of motivation is that I have to connect with 100 studnets today, I have to develop 100 youth today. I need to bring more experts today inspires me to get out of my bed .
Bhagwad gita, nlp trainings and a zeal to give more are my source of inspiration.

Its my privilage to announce you a new android app called MINDEMO , where you can get instant online solutions regarding softskills, hard-skills, instant confidence buidling technique,parenting and many more

We have designed a direct platform where you can connect with our experts( who are Entrepreneurs, NLP Practitioner, Motivational Speakers, mind healers etc) directly with your grievances and get satisfactory solutions to your concern .

Requesting you to DOWNLOAD the APP and register yourself as an expert or learner as per link below

Seeking your cooperation to make it successful..🙏

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