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Today we got a golden opportunity to have a conversation with one of the best minds of our country that ranked No.2 in GATE and 25th in the ESE exam. He did B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and M.Tech in Construction Technology and management from IIT Chennai. He has written several books on mechanical engineering and research topics. Today he is the founder of the company ‘Projectree Logistics’ that provides the best business solutions to the companies who want to perform better by increasing productivity, sales, and earning more profit. Here is some glimpse of the interview questions he answered:-

Tell us something about your journey and story so far:-

It has been a long and eventful journey for me. I never hesitated to outdo certain things for making it to the perfect, whether it is writing books or providing business solutions to reputed companies worldwide. After completing my graduation, I came to realize that India is full of potential young minds, but they are not given any opportunity at all. In my time, Mechanical engineering was considered to be one of the versatile courses. The complexity involved in courses often caused disinterest among students. Most of the things in Engineering are Managerial, and even Engineer is not required to that task. I spoke with my colleague at Projectree Logistics,VipulBaibhav, and we started researching a unique topic each day. He often used to call me at night to say that, sir, this will take time for me to understand, but I said read and write in your own words. He did that same, and we produced a mechanical engineering book in advanced research topics.

I am doing this for the past few years, and now I know that youngsters love to research unexplored topics. There were times when parents used to force children to do jobs and study only that much that will benefit them to fetch a job. For me, knowledge should not be gained to get jobs. It should be attained for enlightenment and creating inspirations to others.

What made you think of writing Books on research topics?

Research topics are sometimes looked down upon by everyone that it is only the work of research scientists and not ordinary minds. For those who believe so are not aware of their true potential of attaining the knowledge. Also, we have very limited fiction and non fiction books on research topics, and very rare people try towrite in a manner that presents engineering in non technical terms, and in doing so appeal to the larger population. That is why we thought there is a need to create a benchmark and pathways for our cominggenerations. We also made courseware for autonomous aviation for those who want to give wings to their career in the aviation sector. For the mechanical engineering branch, we have created a collection of important topics that cover entire methods in great detail.

What is your source of inspiration, and what motivates you?

I live in a place where you will find excellent greenery and positivity. I am fortunate to stay with my family and often go for family outings on weekends. My source of inspiration is my father, who is full of zest and positivity. He is retired Scientist, and he spends time on gardening and watering plants. I have learned from him a unique way to solve any problem. Break your problems into sub problems till it becomes more straightforward and simpler. In this way I have solved many life problems and till now I am doing this. He motivates me whenever I am down and not satisfied with my work success.

What made you think that Fish Bone analysis can be applied to any sector?

Fishbone analysis is not a new concept. The only concern is thatwe do not speculate things using this technique. Honestly speaking, this problem-solving technique is the best way to identify problem causes in any business sector or industrial life cycle. You can also apply this in product design and specification for quality assurance. Not only this, but it can also helpone toidentify the targeted audience, location of the market, and competitors for proper evaluation of building market strategies. While researching the call center industry with Vipul, I came to realize that this can also be applied to any IT offices as well. A lot of complexities are there, and one might not even know why the performance of the team is going down. Our analysis of business processes are done intensively that can give a clear vision to entrepreneurs what exactly is affecting the team’s performance.

What challenges have you found so far?

People in India usuallystudy for the sake of getting jobs and earning money. No one wants to research these days. That is why I feel that we should promote young minds to indulge them in the research sector intensely as there is plenty of scope in this sector.

Business entrepreneurs need a third eye vision about their company. It is a hard truth that if company owners ask about the team performance by the immediate supervisor, he will fabricate things in his way and pretend everything is good. But this can hamper the product quality and service if the tasks are done in the same way. Our fishbone analysis can find a better way to solve the problems and eliminate all risk factors.

Tell us what you would suggest to a student who is new to research.

What a young researcher should do is to study the various topics on which research is being done in his field. For this one can go to sciencedirect website, and just read through the topics and abstract of various research papers. Point is that at this stage reading the full paper is not necessary. Just focus on the problem statement in the title of the paper. If student does this exercise in his free time daily, he would find some title on which he himself has something to say. Then he should start developing his solution on that topic. And then possibly write a paper on it and send to a journal. Almost in all cases, the first paper of a student is rejected. At this point then, student should start reading the detailed papers and compare his solution with their solutions. And then againrewrite the paper, this time giving references and comparison with other papers. Paper at this stage would definitely go to a reviewer. And if it is rejected again, there would be feedback comments. This again gives a fresh starting point to incorporate the suggestions, and the research paper becomes better and better.

Lastly, weknow you have done Certificate course on Social Entrepreneurship. Tell use more about it. What is the exact meaning of word Social in Entrepreneurship?Paragraph

Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is slightly different from normal Entrepreneurship. In normal stuff, one talks about market share, whereas in SE, focus in on creating a good business model and then providing information to others to replicate it. SE is measured in terms of social impact. For example, if somebody creates a sanitation model in one particular community, and then help others in replicating the model in their communities. SE is defined as business like solutions to social problems. Like any other business model, it involves reaching out to the beneficiaries, understanding their problems and needs, and customizing a solution for that. It is also important to note that SE is not charity. The goal of SE is to ultimately make profit, and making the social enterprise economically viable. The ultimate funding in many is donations, but they understand that this flow of donations will continue if results are shown in terms of social impact.

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