Whenever we hear the name Jack Ma we think business, philanthropy, teacher, etc. How he became china’s richest Person with a net worth of nearly $41.4 billion from a guy who continuously tried to get hired in KFC and got rejected. Story of Jack Ma is a complete solution to learn how to stop regretting in the time we are continuously facing failure.

Born on 10 September 1964 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China and started his company Alibaba from an apartment in hangzhou in 1999. Before that when he went to US where he got the information about the internet and get astonished when searched for china and didn’t find anything. After that he made a website containing the information about china . As he uploaded the website after sometime he got a call from a Chinese investor . By this he understood the need and demand of the internet. So after that he started developing and selling the websites to Chinese companies. But he never wrote any code for website. So by this we can understand to become really a successful entrepreneur and businessman we need to cherish the talent near us, as there is less time to do everything ourselves . And another thing we can understand here from jack ma is to always focus on trend and use the trend to solve the current problem, basically become the bridge between both the things. If u want to become an entrepreneur then observe everything near you and give some time in thinking about it and then try to connect every dot to dot . So that u can understand current possibility and then tackle that problem.

If we go back in his life some time back , he applied for nearly for 30 jobs and got rejected. And this thing taught him and us a very basic lesson of business “we have to get used to of failure”. One of Jack Ma’s quote is “You have got to keep trying, and if it does not work, you always can revert back to what you were doing before”. Now we often think that if we try then we have to take risk . But we have to understand the difference between the risk and try, if we cut some time from our daily routine and endeavour to acquire some extra skill or do some extra work for supplement in wages then this is the try but if we leave our daily routine and put whole of our time to acquire the skill by just thinking that it is more important then this is risk.

In starting after completing his college Jack Ma applied for job and get brutal rejection. As when he applied for KFC he says 24 people applied for job and while 23 were hired, he wasn’t one of them. After that in cop selections he was the only one who was not selected. And when he applied for studying in Harvard he turned down 10 times. He faced continuous rejection but he always remain  optimistic when got rejected by Harvard “I told myself someday I should teach there maybe”. Like today if some one requires funding for his startup and he burned all his money, we must not lose hope if our idea have a potential then today or tomorrow we find a path for it.

After completing nearly 20 years with his company alibaba making it 400 billion market cap company. Ma stepped down from his role as Chairman of alibaba Group, and CEO Daniel Zhang took on the mantle. Now he turned to teacher and want to complete his passion of teaching.

We have to understand and revise it that people like Jack Ma and any other successful people are same as us the only difference is the way of decision they take.

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