Char-Dham Yatra is considered as the pious pilgrimage towards the beatific shrines- Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath Dham & Kedarnath Dham to venerate Goddess-Ganga, Goddess- Yamuna, Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva. A flock of devotee across the globe visit these holy places (Char Dham Yatra) and catch up the glimpses of their favourites deities.

It is said that Kedarnath Dham-being one of the famous and majestic shrines of Lord-Shiva happened to be the most visited Jyotirlinga among the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Kedar- one of the adorable names of Lord Shiva who is the protector and the destroyer of this cosmic world.

In Uttrakhand, Kedarnath Temple is nestled at a height of 3580 meters and is circumscribed by picturesque natural sceneries around the backdrop of the momentous Kedarnath Dham range.

The history of famous – Kedarnath Dham (Kedarnath Temple)

This splendid sacred pilgrimage (Kedarnath Yatra) has a mythological tale associated with it. It is a belief that, this is the same place where five Pandavas visited after defeating & killing their cousin brothers (Kauravas) to get purified from the sins. They worshipped Lord Shiva inside the cave and requested him to forgive about the wrongdoing. However Lord Shiva was slightly angry and did not wish to meet them. They also visited Kashi to get his blessings. But Pandavas did not find him at Kashi. Lord Shiva reached Kedarnath Temple without even informing them as he was unwilling to give them his Darshan. However, Pandavas wanted to meet him at any cost to get his benediction and reached Kedarnath Temple for his divine glimpse.

According to the folklores, inside this Kedarnath Temple, Goddess Parvati worshipped and penanced hard to Kedareshwara for getting unite with Lord Shiva and to become Ardhanareeswarara (half Shiva and half Parvati-a personification of Lord Shiva).

Kedarnath yatra, char dham yatra

Do’s and Don’ts on Kedarnath Dham Yatra:

Let’s discuss what to do, what not, during the journey towards Kedarnath Dham.


  • Physicians advise to undergo various Yoga, preparatory exercises and walks at least for 1-2 weeks, prior to Kedarnath Yatra.
  • It is recommended to carry along with you ‘Aadhar Card’, SIMS (voda, jio or BSNL) and your ‘Yatra card’ specifically.
  • Carry medicines, quilts, raincoats, heavy shoes (boots), torches, woollens (jackets) as climate is unpredictable there.
  • It is advisable to lease a registered Horse (or a Pony) from Gaurikund instead of Sonprayag.
  • Cart a water- cooler (bottle) for drinking water along with some edible items.


  • One should not try night trekking as it is strictly prohibited. Try not to choose short cut routes during the journey. Follow the roads slowly and steadily, asked by the guide or the locals.
  • Do not forget to take oxygen masks along with you in case of emergency. The height of the Kedarnath Temple is approx- 3000 meters and oxygen level is low at this altitude.
  • Avoid using water from the open tanks and the local containers as it might not be consumable.
  • Do not miss carrying a medical kit including antiseptic ointment, band-aids and the tablets for fever, loose motion, diarrhoea, vomiting or any other kind of discomfort.This pilgrim’s journey (Char-Dham Yatra) to the most- challenging and the toughest route clutches significant spiritual importance in Hinduism. In the month of Sawaan (Shravana Maas), worshippers even visit their divinity’s abode (Kedarnath Dham and other three) bare-footed and meanwhile take a glance to the religious spots- Guptkashi, Sonprayag and Rishikesh additionally.

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