Nandi Hills, a hill station destination located in Chikkabalapur district Karnataka. It is located approximately 60 km from Bangalore. Many theories are surrounding how the destination got its name. Different stories emerged as time passed by, during Chola empire was ruling the south the hills were called Ananda Giri. Some say that Yoga Nandesshwar performed his penance here giving the hills Its name. Another theory suggests that the hills resembled the shape of a sleeping bull (Nandi). Whatever the theory might be the name Nandi Hills has become a prominent tourist destination and an attraction too.

The place is a bliss for nature lovers. The destination is filled with stunning scenery which one can expect from a hill station. The uniqueness of the place lies in a particular spot which is famous for its sunrise view. The sunrise here is one of its kind, rising above the dense clouds the sun just skims its light ever so slightly completing the entire picturesque. This hill station is one of the most visited and loved destinations in entire South India.

There are plenty of other places in this hill station one can look forward while planning a visit here.

Tipu’s Drop

The cliff is at an altitude of 600m. One can visit this spot and have a total 180-degree view of Bangalore city. As the spot is unprotected tip of the hill part lot of visitors are allowed to step on to the spot at their own risk. There is also a horrifying legend associated with this spot. It is said that Tipu Sultan the then King forced his prisoners to jump off the cliff. Screams of those prisoners surface here in the form of wind rustling through the leaves.

Bhoga Nandeeshwar Temple

An ancient temple placed right at the base of Nandi Hills making it a must-visit spot here. The place is perfect for a weekend break and also a popular picnic destination. There is another temple at the top of the hill by the name Yoga Nandeeshwar Temple. Both the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temples are famous across the state being only temples to be dedicated to the same deity one at the top and another at the bottom of the same hill.

Yoga Nandeeshwar Temple

This temple is built on top of Nand hill. The temple is majestic and spectacularly built. Its primary attraction is the statue of Nandi (bull) built at the entrance of the temple. It houses three temples dedicated to three life forms of Lord Shiva namely his youth ( Arunachaleshwar), marriage (Uma Maheshwar) and renunciation (Bhoga Nandeeshwar).

The temple is filled with pillars craved with divine deities there is also a monolithic stone pillar. The temple is a perfect example of a place with a pleasant environment with architectural brilliance.

Amrita Sarovar

Amrit Sarovar meaning “The lake of Nectar” is exquisite water stored by the perennial springs. It is the major water source for the entire area. The water is pure and clean. A visit during the night will give a perfect picturesque of the glowing moon in this clean water. It is said that Tipu Sultan used to perform his prayers nearby to this spot name chabootara (platform).

Gandhi house

The most popular tourist spot in the area is the place where Mahatma Gandhi used to reside here. The DPAR government of Karnataka maintains this place. People rush here to catch a glimpse of the place the Mahatma of the country resided.

Nehru Nilaya

A beautiful 150 years old colonial house, its British architecture. During its time, it was the summer retreat of the Commissioner of Mysore, Sir Mark Cubbon.  It is surrounded by lush green gardens.  It has now been converted into a guesthouse by the Horticulture Department.

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