The Government Museum in Banglore is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Situated near the famous Cubbon park the museum is one of the major attractions and tourist spots in the city. The museum is a symbol of rich historical and cultural significance. The place is a perfect spot for people who are in quest of history. The museum is located in Kasturba Gandhi road which houses many other famous buildings.

The History

Colonel Sankey was the one who designed the building and was constructed in 1876. Later many divisions for the building were added. The building was opened in 1886 for public viewing. The Government Museum was established in 1865 by L.B Bowring making it one of the oldest buildings in the country and second oldest museum in entire South Indian.

The museum houses some of the ancient archaeological and geological artefacts, jewellery, sculpture, coins and many more. It also contains Halmidi inscription the oldest Kannada inscription found till date (450 AD).

The Interior

The Museum is segregated into 18 galleries. Each gallery has its importance and represents a different part of history. It also houses some of the oldest and well-renowned artery, coins, sculptures from Mohenjadaro, Vijayanagar and Chandravelli period. There are also separate sections dedicated to geology, sculpting, textiles etc. A separate gallery is also erected which contains 600 paintings called the Venkatappa Art gallery which captivates the art lovers attention.

This place is an apt choice for many history geeks out there. The Museum is also located in an area where there are plenty of other options for visitors to explore. Tourists rush to this museum to have a glimpse of the age-old sculpture and get lost in their admiration. Thin no further the place will not only leave you amused but also educated.

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