fruits and vegetables you can stuff your cupboards.

You will be surprised to know that even watermelon peels can be so delicious if you know how to prepare them.

1. Watermelon peels :

When you’re done eating the delicious watermelon, think twice before shedding the peels! Pickled peels are very delicious.

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pick Up |  Brain Berries

2. Eggs :

I’ve never tried pickled eggs before, so it seems to me very strange. Like, why? Why eggs? Who brought this farce? I bet they’re the same people who put pineapple on pizza.

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pick Up # 2 |  Brain Berries

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3. Bologna :

Some people thought pickled eggs were not backward enough, so they chopped up some bolognese sausage. Pickled meat? How strange is this?

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pick Up # 3 |  Brain Berries

4. Asparagus :

Asparagus pickle looks great as a garnish, and tastes like heaven. You can’t go wrong with these green shoots, especially if you enjoy Bloody Marys.

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pick Up # 4 |  Brain Berries

5. Garlic :

People usually add garlic to pickle juice for flavor, but do they season an entire batch of cloves in one jar? This may sound strange, but is it delicious, boy.

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pick Up # 5 |  Brain Berries

6. Grapes :

Everyone loves grapes. Fresh, dried, fermented – such juicy drops were a gift from the gods. So, it comes as no surprise that pickled grapes with their sweet and tangy essence are a surefire way to hit the target.

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pick Up # 6 |  Brain Berries

7. Peaches :

Do you like snacks with sweet and sour fruits? Trust me, this pickled peach will make you happy! Especially mixed with some ice cream.

7 Amazing Foods You Can Pickle # 7 |  Brain Berries


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